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Rapid foreing Trade and Marketting Ltd Şti. Has been founded on 1994 for marketing and production about building sector. The first sector of the company is marketing of mineral plaster. Lt started activities in Ankara and in İstanbul. Rapid company has made varios and strategical corporations to expand the products and marketing share. E specially, made deeply works about faience (tile) adhesive and formed the adhesive and fuga series of “ARSECOL” Registered trademark which is still belongs to it. Especially by the “ARSECOL” marketing, the company had some agents in different cities and regions like Blacksea, Mediterranean, Inner Anatolia, Ankara and İstanbul.

The company gave much more importance to the quality especially about productions activities that are made in its own structure. So, they started the work of having ISO documents when the productions started. According to work Quality and Documentations, we founded inspections and experiment laboratories and starded to control the quality of the products and suitability evaluation is made.